Lemn Sissay headlines the Spoken Word / Comedy Tent

Lemn Sissay

Associate artist at the Southbank Centre, patron of The Letterbox Club and The Reader Organisation, Ambassador for The Children’s Reading Fund, trustee of Forward Arts Foundation and inaugural trustee of World Book Night and an honorary doctor of Letters – Lemn has been a writer from birth and foremost he is a poet.

Lemn is the author of a series of collections of poetry. His sculpture poem Gilt of Cain was unveiled by Bishop Desmond Tutu. He has written plays for stage and BBC radio and he is the first poet to write for the London Olympics. On the side, he has also received an MBE from the Queen for Services to Literature. Speak directly to Lemm through his blog or for an even more intimate relationship, get in touch with his Morning Tweets (where he describes dawn in one tweet every day) or follow his micro blogging on Facebook.

His head is in London where he is based, his heart is in Manchester where he is not, his soul is in Addis, his vibe is in New York where his mother lives and in June, he will be in the Spoken Word Tent to ‘inspire and be inspired’. Google Lemn Sissay and all the hits will be about him. There is only one Lemn Sissay in the world and we have him at our festival!